Is an Artists Studio & Gallery and Hub for Visionary Art in Byron Bay NSW Australia. We are aligned with Art in Paradise, organising Visionary Art Retreats with well known Visionary Artists from OS, many of whom teach at the Academy of Visionary Arts in Vienna.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The Craft & Concept of Making the Invisible Visible
A Visionary Art in Paradise Workshop
with Adam Scott Miller (USA), Master of Fine Arts
@ Paradise One Eco-Retreat (Byron Bay Hinterland)

Sunday, 25 October 2015


 Art in Paradise 10 days Painting with Artists Kuba Ambrose & Vera Atlantia teachers at the Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna

16th - 25th October 2015 at Paradise One Eco-Retreat Centre, Coorabell, Byron Bay Hinterland

Kuba Ambrose & Vera Atlantia showing us how to lay down the first glaze 
Naomi Gittoes painting her imprimatura egg tempera underpainting
Yao Visions painting her imprimatura egg tempera underpainting
Work in progress Yao Visions painting after 10 day retreat
Amanda Sage tights being worn by some of our students
Work in Progress - Patti Dragonfly Art
Exhibition/party night!
Exhibition of works in progress 
Students & teachers
Sacred Art Retreat

Sacred Art Retreat

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Art in Paradise February 8th - March 2nd 2015, Paradise One
A number of workshops took place here this month.
New Visions for a New World
The Art of Collaboration
Art Culture & Creation
With 4 International Visionary Art tutors:
Adam Scott Miller, Leo Plaw, Kathrina Sofie & Damon Soule
Here are some photos showing how much fun we had.

Adam Scott Miller, one of the tutors at "New Visions for a New World" Visionary Art painting workshop
Painting a portrait from life with Adam Scott Miller
Painting "The Art of Collaboration" workshop with Damon Soule
 "New Visions for a new World" Yao painting a sky landscape with tutor Leo Plaw 
Group painting with the Paradise One crew "Art Culture & Creation"
Group painting with the Paradise One crew"Art Culture & Creation" 
"The Art of Collaboration" with artists Mark Somnio8 Lee 
"The Art of Collaboration" students at the workshop with Damon Soule & Sparkles Positron
Damon Soule
Students with Leo Plaw & Adam Scott Miller

Students & International Visionary Artists tutors Adam Scott Miller, Leo Plaw & Kathrina Sofie

"New Visions for a New World" workshop

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Art in Paradise at Paradise One Eco-Retreat, Coorabell NSW.
Live in, fantastic food & painting retreat in a beautiful setting with amazing accommodation
See our website for more details:
The Harmonic Temple Event took place at Paradise One for the first time this year, featuring
 the work of, & talks by Adam Scott Miller, Damon Soule & Leo Plaw, & music by Becca Dakini,
Deva Dova, & Desert Dwellers. In the past this event has been held at the Byron Community Centre
 as Harmonic Spaces, featuring the work of International Visionary Artists & DJ's. (Krystleyez,
Alex & Allyson Grey, Android Jones, Daniel Mirante, Amanda Sage, Adam Scott Miller)

The workshops at Paradise One started with The Art of Collaboration with Damon Soule, assisted by his partner Sparkles Positron where we learnt Damon's amazing & innovative painting techniques, & had great FUN!

After many months of planning & preparation for this event by the Paradise One crew,
& myself (organisation, website design, promotion etc), it occurred smack bang right
on the day Cyclone Marcia hit! So just a little compromised. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Expanded Visions in The MischTechnik Seminar 2014

MischeTechnik Seminar at Torri Superiore Italy

In July 2014, 21 Artists from Canada, the US, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Paris, New Caledonia & Vienna, arrived for a 3 week painting seminar at Torri Superiore, Italy, a 13C hill-top eco-village in the foothills of the Italian Riviera...a small community where the inhabitants live in harmony with their environment, practicing Permaculture & sustainable living. We became part of the village life, sharing meals with the community made by the local chef from local organic ingredients mostly sourced locally.
 Now in it's 7th year, the seminar offers 3 weeks of intensive teaching to learn in the manner of the Old Masters, with three very experienced teachers from the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art....Andrew Gonzales teaching his unique approach to the airbrush, Laurence Caruana teaching new insights into glazing techniques using our own visionary composition, & Amanda Sage teaching self portrait painting in the manner of the MischTechnik. These three teachers have worked together for 20+ years, & have all worked & learned with Ernst Fuchs, a Vienna based artist who revived the MischTechnik of painting. It was a time of new friendships, intense learning, good food, & lots of fun.
Links below for our hosts' website, the Seminar teachers and the Academy
Torri Superiore eco-village:
Amanda Sage:
Lauence Caruana;
A.Andrew Gonzales:
Vienna Academy:

The View from Torri Superiore
With Laurence Caruana - getting started & painting a black Imprematura
And then Decalcamania
The studio was busy
And got busier
And even busier
A. Andrew Gonzales giving an air brush demonstration & talk
Such beautiful work
Amanda  Sage demonstrating a charcoal portrait  of Lauralee
Amanda Sage doing the casein underpainting for her own self portrait
Amanda Sage - yellow global glaze over the white casein underpainting
Amanda's nearly finished painting with local glazes 
Sandra's 21st birthday party on the Torri veranda. 
The community helped us to celebrate
The closing circle at the end of 3 weeks painting intensively
Charcoal self portraits
Beautiful self portraits - mostly still in progress
Glazing visionary compositions - mostly still in progress
A collaborative live painting by most the Artists in acrylics painted during our final night party
Our Torri Artists crew
  Torri Rainbows

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Painting in the Light at Paradise One Feb 2014

Learning MischTechnik with Amanda Sage

There were 15 participants at workshop, taking place over 5 days at Paradise One a workshop & retreat centre in Coorabell, Northern NSW, which included meals & accommodation....20 minutes drive from Byron Bay. A very happy & beautiful place to be! From Amanda we learned the basics of the MischTechnik, or mixed technique, involving applying white casein or white egg tempera, & glazing transparent colour over the top. Amanda was a very knowledgeable & giving teacher, and Paradise One was a really wonderful workshop venue! Hopefully more local & international painting workshops will come here! Thanks especially to Frank for his amazing cooking........Nothing compares...... and the welcoming atmosphere at Paradise One.

Painting workshop on the veranda of Paradise One Coorabell

Day 1making our self portraits on the veranda|
 Our self portraits using WC paper with red oxide acrylic background, vine(willow) charcoal, blk & white charcoal pencils, white conte crayon, red oxide conte pencil, kneadable rubber, sandpaper sharpener, knife.

Our finished self portrait drawings


Amanda Sage - White Tara work in progress


           Examples of Amanda Sage's work

Amanda painting

Day 3 This is a portrait I started some time ago in acrylic paint. 

At the workshop I did a global oil glaze of golden baroque red, burnt umber & dioxine purple mixed to a transparent cream & painted on all the body, hair, clothes using a large soft brush & feathering deftly, fast & lightly. When "tacky" (next day) I started painting into it with white Shiva casein, then used burnt umber for the darks using small & medium cat's tongue brushes.

Day 7 After this I did some local glazes to the face & body.
I still need to finish the background.

Night 5 End of workshop

Workshop participants